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HI all,
I think more and more that a mirror would help me a lot in my commute.

Now i'm wondering waht mirrors works well?
my bike has a flat bar with barend(not pierced so a mirror at the end of the bar will not work)

what do you guy's use and why?
lets see some pics

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I like the helmet mount. It takes a little while to adjust to proper position and get used to, but once this is done I find practically zero blind spots. A slight turn of the head covers everything.
I use a CRG Blindsight mirror that is designed for motorcycling. A little on the expensives side, but the optics are very sharp compared to most offered in the cycling market. It can be clamped direct to the bar, which should work for you since the end is not pierced. Just scoot the grip in the needed 10mm.

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Here is a picture of the CRG mirror with my Ergon grips.


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