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Minute ride report & Black questions

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I have a few ideas floating aroung in my mind regarding my Black (Sport OEM, 100 mm travel, TPC(?) lockout) and what's happening with it. I've been having problems with the lockout not locking out, which I have found out that I need to bleed the system. Other than that, I am notincing I only get about 50mm travel, approximately half of the travel that I should be getting even thogh I weigh 185 pounds. On the spring that is in the left leg of the fork, there is a pink stripe down one side. I'm assuming that indicates that it is the red spring which is rated for riders weighing from 150-190.

Recently I was able to ride my new NRS that I put a Minute 2 on instead of the stock Skareb. I set the psi at 150, and 65psi in the spv. The fork was simply amazing. On the flats travel was kept to a minimum, but on the downhill switchbacks the fork opend and I had full travel. Keep in mind I rode the NRS on the same trails that I do w/ the Black.

This brings me to my question. Is it possible to convert my black (coil) to air? Basically what I want to do is convert the internals of the fork to the Super Air version, preferably keeping the travel set at 100mm only.

I know this may seem like a stupid idea, but I won't get the NRS w/ Minute until next year, being that the bike is on layaway. I work at my LBS and my manager let me ride the bike for a few hours one day.

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