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Mini Cooper and DH bike

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Not DH, but I'm sure I'll eventually get there.

Need to start taking my 36 lbs SC Nomad. I currently have a Thule roof rack setup, but the trays are fork mounts. Unfortunately, the Nomad has a 20mm thru axle. I could just use the trays I already have and get adapters, but I just want to see what you guys recommend.

So far, my options are:

1. Buy the 20mm axle adapters for my current fork tray
2. Buy Thule Side Arm
3. Spend the cash on hitch mount and Thule T2
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I use the Fork Up 20mm adaptors on my Thule rack which is on my Cooper S. I have run it with 2 size large Demo 8's on top of the roof - no problem. Looks funny though, the bikes are almost as long as the roof!
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