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~RR~ Miller Peak OAB 6-14-08

I think I can say that I was first mtb'r to summit Miller Peak this year. I went from Cashmere and the Little Camas Creek Epic on Thursday to the Teanaway for Friday and Saturday. This was Saturday's ride. Since I was in the Teanaway I went up Bear Creek, didn't want to drive over to Iron Creek. Bear Creek is a fun ride too, maybe not as classic as Iron Creek, but worthy.

Not much to add as this get ridden every year, several times by several groups. The only thing would be snow. From the 5489' point down into the woods is where there is still snow. Also the summit trail for the first 400' is mostly under snow. It's hikeable, I hiked it, rode down from the summit for 300' then hiked the rest of the way down the summit trail. Wait if you want to ride all of it.

3D GPS track

Blowdown on Bear Creek. Toss the bike!

This is on the way up. But it's also the way down!

First full view of Miller Peak.

You can see the trail crossing the snow in a couple places.

5 Drainages is going to be a bit.

Singletrack goodness just before dropping back down into Bear Creek for the run back to the car.

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