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Miles vs Kilometers

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Occassionally I run into a guy I used to ride with and he is always competitive about everything. "what is your average speed?" "how many miles have you a week, day, month last year?" and stuff like that. I will admit he is on a bike a lot but his situation helps as he works as an ortho tech in a hospital. 3 shifts a week - 12 hour days. Sure that gets old and you don't have a lot of time before or after work but it gives him 4 days off and he usually works all three in a row so trips to the local places are easy.

Well, I ran into him last week. He said he rode 3000 miles in the last six months and was grinning ear to ear. He always wants everyone to check out his cyclecomputer as proof (he carries it with him. His bike was nowhere to be seen). I looked at it...clicked a couple buttons and then showed him his computer. It said 1800+ miles. He was shocked. I told him next time to make sure he didn't have it set on metric units!! :madman:

Priceless - it could have been a mastercard commercial.
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thats funny - i would like to have seen his face when you told him he had only ridden 60% of how far he thought. definitely a mastercard moment.
He probably thought he averaged 35 mph for that distance, too. Must've thought Lance was some kind of Pansy.
:D :blush: LMAO :blush :D Damn that must have killed you - did you manage to hold it back till after he was gone or did you crack up right infront if him? LMAOOOOOOO
Yeah, I'm just like that guy except I hook up my power drill with a small grinding wheel attachment and apply it to the front wheel of my bike in the bike stand so it starts the wheel spinning at about 40 kph every night before going to bed. I "ride" in my sleep a couple centuries at a time.

Maybe that guy will learn how to "improve" his numbers so his computer reads some impressive statistics like mine does.
At least with Sigma I have you can simply enter total kilometers (or miles). It's meant for times when you change battery, but I guess it would do for this too :D And it's much more quite during night this way:D was easy

to change from Metric to US. He just hadn't done it. I laughed and then walked away watching him pushing buttons while he checked all of the functions to see what the numbers were now. I did tell him he should check his wheel measurement and he went white! :eek: Then I said maybe he should check his HRM too and he told me to shut up and then walked away. :D
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