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Migrating west again; riding along I40?

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I am moving back to Grand Junction area this April. I am going to take I40 and have the truck all rigged to camp and ride. Any suggestions on places to stop and ride? Toward NM I will cut up and hit Phil's world and try to get to Fruita in time for Fat Tire.
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Gallup would be on that route, the High Desert Trail System.
It looks like you're a 29er/SS. Gallup would be perfect. Albuquerque's good too but slightly out of the way. It would be worth it. PM me for a tour.

The Bandoleros out of NM are doing Moab at the same time as the Fat Tire fest so if you're interested in drinking with a bit of biking, let me know.

I don't know how far you want to stray from I40, but in AR there is a great trail. The Womble near Mt Ida is an IMBA epic from the past. Great singletrack with some ups, some downs, some views and is tacky, smooth, and fast.
Thanks for the responses. I can stray, I just meant I40 in general, I have plenty of time.
+1 on the Womble. Definitely worth it, and not far off the highway at all.
Continental Divide Trail in N.M.
another vote for the womble. lots of good riding throughout arkansas. if you have time you should consider Syllamo too.
Stoked about Gallup, Womble, Phil's and what ever else I may find. I am riding a 1x9, I don't mind the climbs. Huge thanks to the NM folks for the invite.

I just blew too much on a Thule revolver, but the truck is looking sweet; high rise cap and plywood to create a double decker, leaving room for gear underneath and a bed up top.

It's going to be a good year.
Mobile Adventure Vehicle: sleep compartment, gear compartment, kayak stowage, swing out bike rack, full kitchen, four wheel drive, zest of life... check!


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If riding Phils World nearby is Sand Canyon, about 14 southwest of Cortez. 11 mile trail thru an Anasazi village with slickrock and trails built by mountain bikers for MTB! Local MTB map has 34 rides, Kokopelli Bike Shop.
Always wanted to tackle Mt Taylor by Grants, NM but it's a very big climb. Only in summer as it's 11,305'. Also choices around Albuquerque but haven't ridden there much. Faulty Trail was a tech struggle, Foothills Trail had the most goatheads of any trail, avoid.
Tunnel/Otero on the south side of the Tijeras exit just east of Albuquerque. Really nice alpine riding. Don't recall any goatheads, but they're probably there.

Cedro Canyon up that way, too.
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