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Midwest Passon... avoid the storms :)

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About a week ago took my brothers and went to go do some midwestern riding.

Initially we were planning on hitting Brown Co in Indiana, or maybe Ft Custer in Michigan. A deteriorating weather forecast set our sights elsewhere. We ended up driving through Chicago traffic into Wisconsin to avoid some wet weather locally and further south.

We had a couple of days to play around, and both of my bros are pretty new at the singletrack stuff, so ended up going to the North Kettle Morraine Forest. After we found it, it was a pretty decent ride. Mental notes, if you find T & A you've gone too far, and do almost ANYTHING to avoid 28! And finally give the GIS major a map, don't give him directions. I fired the navigator twice on the way to the trail.

A few hills here, lots of climbing, and some fast downhill things. Overall reminded me of a hilly rail to trail. Didn't bother taking any photos. It was a pretty good intro though for some real singletrack though. No wrecks today. Also a good thing. :)

One thing I learned about WI trails though, man are they expensive for an out of stater to visit. 3 of us, 2 trails in 2 days = $44. Some fun stuff, but be real, Whistler this ain't. Michigan nor Indiana charge anywhere near that much.

We did two loops before heading out for food.

The second day was much more promising. We went and did the John Muir trails in the South Kettle Morraine. We ended up doing mostly the blue loop, but sliced off the boot. Guess that means it was mostly the Green loop. It's pretty similar to a lot of the other Mid-West Trails I've been too. Trails are one way, mix of soil types, some elevation change but nothing huge.

I loved the mileage options on the trail, and knowing that I shouldn't have to worry about someone coming the other way at me. If we had the legs, me and my bros both, we could have done the full 20+ miles.

The single track was fun, but it had the feel of social trails, you know trails that just kinda appear, instead of being built. It was fun, but not much challenge except for the fitness level. Probably a good thing for my brother. We'll just call him Mudman. :) Overall we had three wrecks that day - two sand pits ate my brothers causing endos, and one huge arse mud puddle. Only log crossings on the entire green loop were a fist sized log, not even worth slowing down for, and a pine tree that had fallen over the trail. It was an impaler too - the branch nubs were all still there. Either needed the nubs taken down, or needed to be removed.

It was a lot of fun, and I'll be happy to check out some of the other trails in the area. It was a pretty good trail as one that we only scouted the reviews for the night before leaving.

Oh and one last note... I hate Chicago traffic. We tried three different ways to get through the city at (I think) non rush hour times. We spent literally 11 hours in two days just trying to drive through the city. Next time I head up there I may swing south of the city, or take the ferry across lake Michigan to avoid it entirely. It felt like they were working on every freeway (and turnpike) at the same time.


A few pics...

Mudman Rides Again
Paul in the Pines (Representing)
Mudman (Frank) & Paul
JmZ Mudman & Mapman


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Oh yeah, gotta love Chicago traffic. Just be glad you don't have to fight it every single day like some of us!!:madman:

Glad to hear you had a fun time at Kettle. I've only ridden the John Muir trails there (South), but love it. My only complaint is the two sandpits on the blue loop. Practically like riding on the beach at some points!

Another fun trail right by the IL/WI state line is Petrifying Springs right next to UW-Parkside in Kenosha County. Don't forget Palos in Palos Hills, IL!! Just rode there today and it was a blast, even with me on the verge of puking at one point!!:p

Thanks for the Kettle pics!!:thumbsup:
cool man! looks/sounds like you had fun! that is alot of money though! isn't it only a few bucks to ride, atleast if you are from indiana, down in Brown county? i remember one place, the name escapes me right now, is only 2 or 3 dollars.
I like how the trees are in natural, uniform rows. Nature at its best!:D

Ghettofab75 said:
I like how the trees are in natural, uniform rows. Nature at its best!:D

haha that is what i was thinking! that is 100% "natural" :thumbsup:
ibanezrg520kid said:
haha that is what i was thinking! that is 100% "natural" :thumbsup:
The principal's still the same: Aim for the space in between 'em.
You didn't ride the connector trail? That's where the fun stuff is/was between the north and south sections... :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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