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Hello all all you Midwesternites,

Just thought I'd let y'all know 'bout a lil' "secret" DJ spot we are building this weekend. It's approximatly 5 miles outside of Mankato, MN on PRIVATE PROPERTY! My friends parents are allowing us to build a large dirt jump "park" for us to use on their land. We will be renting 1 Bobcat for sure, but there's a rumor of possibly getting another one lined up.

The area is in a field, without trees, so wind is somtimes a problem. BUT, it's on PP, so it will never get plowed unless we get sick of it, or some a-hole hurts themself (waivers may be needed for the people we don't like). We will have a small pack of table tops for the "citizens", progressing up to larger sets, and steeper sets.

If any of you are interested in coming down/up/over to assist in shoveling, shaping, planning, building, beer dinking, bs-ing or riding email me at [email protected]

There space to put up a tent Friday night if you'd like, and we will also have a big a$$ fire. BYOB for now, but we may take care of that!


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