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MidPen is working on some trail/wildlife crossings over Highway 17 near the Lexington Reservoir.

Public comment is due TODAY! It's an easy multiple-choice form which also lets you say "mountain biking is important to me".

Here's what the Ridge Trail has to say; I haven't seen any particular reccomendations from SVMTB or MBoSC.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for public comments on the trail connections to the Highway 17 wildlife & trail crossing. Make your voice heard today!

Learn more about the project and complete the Public Comment Form. Let them know this regional connection is critical and that:

For Question 2: Which recreational crossing direction is most important to you? East/West connection (Sierra Azul Preserve to El Sereno Preserve/Sanborn County Park)
For Question 5: What are the starting and ending points within the study area most important to you? I support the trail connections for crossing #5 from Sanborn County Parks to Sierra Azul.

The public comment period for the report CLOSES AT 5:00p on August 5, 2019. Make your voice count!
What do people here say?
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