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Middle Run status for the weekend

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I live outside of Philly and we got slammed with rain this week. We had been planning to head down to Middle Run to ride on Saturday. We have a lot of respect for the great trails you put together down there and wouldn't want to mess them up or piss in anyone's Cheerios. What will be their status assuming we don't have anymore rain? Thanks.
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muddy i would assume, been raining like mad. lol "piss in anyone;s cheerios." gotta remember that one.
As soon as the rain broke I was tempted to ride Middle Run but had to hold myself back. I am going to hold off until Sunday or maybe swing by and check it out b4 riding Saturday. I haven't ridden since last weekend and I am JONES'in for a ride.

Unfortunately we got nailed for a few days straight and haven't had nearly enough time to really dry out.

If anyone checks it out on Saturday please post a review!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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