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(warning pic intensive solo mission!!!)

There are big rides than there are Epic Rides. IMO I have never done an epic before today. Now I can claim to have done one.

My route was as follows start in Millcreek Canyon up the Big Water Trail, keep going up towards the Park City Ridgeline via the Great Western Trail. Once gaining the initial 1400 vertical feet from Mill Creek you are now at the Park City Ridgeline. Make a left on the Ridge Connect trail which takes you towards Mid Mountain. Decending the Ridge trail you lose 1200 feet in vertical. Make a right on to Mid Mountain. From Mid Mountain you ride toward Park City gaining and losing 1400 vertical feet in the process. You end up back at 8200 feet before the big climb back up to Scott's Pass to the south side of Jupiter Peak that takes you to 10,000 feet. Yep 1800 vertical gain on hatefully steep fireroads on singletrack my favorite part of the ride. Your are now at the top of the Wasatch Crest Trail. The wasatch Crest follows the Park City ridge line, there is still 500 feet of climbing(but more decending) to get back to the top of the Great Western trail into Millcreek. Once your on top of Millcreek its 99 percent downhill dropping you down the initial 1400 vertical feet of vert you gained.

Cliff Notes

Elevation range - 7600 feet to 10,000 feet
Total Climbing - 5100 feet
well lots of decending about 5100 feet
Mileage - according to my maps my guesstimate is 42miles, which could be totally off(most likely too short untill someone tells me otherwise)
Singletrack - miles of awesomeness.

Some links to help you follow along.

The topo Map of todays ride.
Follow the Pink line on far right and I did the loop laid out.

Some info on the 2 main trails I did both are which are worthy rides by themselves.

Mid Mountain

The Wasatch Crest Trail

Map of the entire shin-dig

Allways good when the sun shines on you

The Steed for the Day

Typical trail via the Great western trail


The Wildflowers were worth the trip alone

View down Millcreek Canyon with Granduer Peak in the center.

Welcome to the Canyons

Whats really funny is a former coworker of me was on trail and I caught her. this is the Ridge connect trail really cool rollercoaster section.

Bev riding towards Mid Mountain where we went opposite Directions.

Next stop Red Pine which was shut and was my first(and Only) water refill least it made a great place to Sit and eat.

Best section of Midmountain I actually saw noone from this point all the ways though the crest.

The reason why I run tubeless tires

Flowing trail in Aspens and Fir can it get any better?! I Submit it can not

Park City

At the end of spiro you start the down right hatefull climb up to The Crest.

The Start of the hatefull climb towards Shadow Lake

Steep, loose, straight quasi single track for miles up the hill, not my first choice.

Hey at least the mine buildings are pretty cool

I wouldnt go inside

Kinda of Creepy

Bottom of Jupiter Lift at Park City

After 1800 feet of just downright wicked hatefull climbing on fireroads you get greated with this but only after clearing puke hill. The Central wasatch as seen from the 10,000 foot crest.

More boring buff Singletrack on The Crest

The "Red Dirt Triple Fake Out" if you ve ridden the crest you know what I am talking about.

The infamous "spine" the most technical section of trail encountered today

Only 6.5 miles back to the car.

The View over Desolation Lake

Just a couple more rock gardens to go

If anyone has mileage, and vertical excactly I am really curious

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Thanks for sharing.

Next time, try riding up Crescent Mine Grade to Apex to Shadow Lake to Scott's Pass instead of straight up the Thayne's Canyon/Powerline route. More distance, but a much more enjoyable climb.:thumbsup:

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dosboy said:
Probably my favorite along the wasatch..Thanks for sharing.>Cant wait till I have anice block of time to do it again..How long did it take you?
I am slow and took lots of pictures when ever my lungs where saying no it took me 7 hours for the first time. This was also the longest ride I have ever done.

Much slower than it take me say 20ish Mile I can do the biggest loop on flying dog in alittle over 2 hours by myself with out taking pictures(23.6 miles)

How fast you normally do it in?

I think I am going to do the Cresent Mine Grade to Apex wya next time.
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