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Not getting a lot of responses on the local board, so I'll post here.

Endurance freaks, I am planning on doing the Shenandoah Southern
Traverse, a bonafide IMBA epic, next Saturday April 16. The ride is
southwest of Harrisonburg, VA. Linkage here:

This is about a 32 mile backcountry ride, with the highlight being a
tough 17 mile technical ridge ride and single track descent,
bookended with a four mile climb and a ten mile + ride back to the
cars. Should be a good early season test of mettle! I have not
done this ride before but I think a moderate pace would keep the
ride within 4-5 hours. Disclaimer - again, I have not done this
ride before! Its tough and long! But I think it will be a lot of
fun. I would plan on a mid-morning start, say 10 am, necessitating
a pretty early start from the DC area (I can fit two other riders
with bikes and will be heading down from Gaithersburg through

If anyone is interested let me know, and we can flesh out details.
If anyone is interested in making a camping trip out of it, I might
be down for that. If someone has actually done this ride before,
and would like to become our dear leader, I'm down for that too ;-)

Oh yeah...fixie friendly if there are any other nutcases out there!
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