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There appear to be two "parallel" product lines in Michelin DH tires:

1. Tribes DH32 AT <=> DH Comp 32 S
2. Tribes DH24 AT 1s <=> DH Comp 24.1 S
3. Tribes DH16 AT <=> DH Comp 16

The "Tribes" modes are dearer than their "Comp" counterparts, but I couldn't figure out what the difference otherwise is. Does anyone know?

Also, did I get it right that 24 works best as a rear tire while both 32 and 16 on the front? ...or can put 16 on rear as well? (believe it's better for wet/muddy conditions than 24)



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No difference. Same tires, new names. The "Comp" name was dropped for the '05 model year. Looks like they are using "specialist" instead of "tribes" for '06.

None of the current Michelin tires are front or rear specific. Just different models for different conditions.
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