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Hello all,

I was using two michelin country at (2.0) tires, and thought I wanted something a little bigger on the front. The tread pattern is the same as the XCR AT.

At sea otter, I bought 2 michelin UST tires, the xtreme at and the xcr at. The rep said that was a good combo, with the xtreme up front. I have not mounted these yet.

I recently bought an Xtreme non-ust tire and mated it to one of the country at tires, with the country in the rear. While the combo seemed to work well, I believe the xtreme is narrower than the country, even though it is more knobby.

My question is, does anyone run this combo? What are your thoughts? Should I be running the xtreme in the rear and I just did not hear the rep right?

Does anyone run a knobbier tire in the front of their bike that is just a bit narrower than the rear? Will the contact patch be smaller? The same?

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Unless they've drastically changed since last time I used them, the XCR's have a silly short lifetime (with michelin saying theyre designed for its race teams - with durability a least priority).

If you wanted the a/t tread in a bigger tire, get the "mountain AT" (the 2.2 version measures up around 2.3) its a pretty good allrounder - cornering isnt quite perfect, but its better than the sparse shoulder knobs would suggest.

If its dry out, a "mountain at" (2.2) on the front with a "mountain dry2" (2.15) on the back is a good combo - nice volume, not too heavy and quick rolling.
That would be my suggestion.

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I have run 2" xc at's for a while but not the xtreme so I can't comment on that tire. I was very impressed w/ the dry traction on medium to hard ground but thats where it stopped. I also thought they bounced around and off of things way to much. I found the best traction and rolling resistance to be around 26-28psi.

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ive got the michelin mtn dry xcr2 tires on size 2.35
front is forward< and the rear is reversed> these tires are awesome, i just hope they last for a while because they werent cheap, they roll for dayzz

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The Xtreme is the same tread pattern as my all time favourite front tire the Hot S. I consider this my go to tire when I am unsure about the conditions that I will be riding in and have the DH version, the Comp 24, permanently on my downhill freeride bike.
You will likely find the Xtreme is slow as a back tire and you may find that it only provides either drive traction or braking traction (not my experience, but some of my friends say so.)
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