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Michaux - Dark Hollow 10 mile course

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Does anyone have a good description for the Dark Hollow 10 mile course? I I have seen the map and know there is a left turn into singletrack in the woods after a downhill. I was out there on Saturday and couldn't find that left turn. Any help would be appreciated.
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i assume that you have the old course maps and the flatrock trail maps. after the downhill that comes after crossing the powerline, the first left of significance should be after a steep, double track to single track uphill climb after the initial downhill. it should be pretty apparent where the left is b/c there usually is a stick delineating the left hand turn to funnel you to the ridgeline and keep you from doing a short downhill back to the road. if you have any questions, hit up the mountain bikers of michaux website. they usually do a preride of all the race courses a week or 2 b4 the races.
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