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So, my bike creaks at the rear shock eyelet due to a worn-ovalized bushing.

Thru some research, I find that my Giant HV shock uses plain, standard 1/2" X 19/32" X 1/2" DU bushings.

As I know my Giant dealer can't hardly get any Giant part (when I bought my first Warp I asked "what if I need pads for my avid brakes as you only carry Magura and Hayes??" and the reply was "uh?!") I decided to look somewhere else.

Some guy on a local board offerd me help with the matter..... He proposed me he can "make" those for me (how in the hell do he "makes" a sintered and teflon coated bushing??) and that the perfect solution was to just rectify the DU bushing. Then I asked, "But you're are going to damage the PTFE coat and leave the sintered metal exposed" and says "then you can use the bushings as they are and make new spacers to the new dimensions"... WTF??

He offered me to "make" a lighter spring for me.... I don't trust this person just for the things he says.

Fox representative in mexico kindly offers me those at 6 bux a piece plus 6 bux shipping to Mexico City (from another point in Mexico). That seemed to me a bit steep for a couple items I can get from at a very lower price.

So, I made some more searching and found out the SKF P/N... which turns out to be PCZ 0808 B for those interested. This should fit Fox and Progressive shocks. RBC's P/N is CJT 0808 and INA's is PAPZ 0808 P10..... these are industry standard measures so I decided to go shopping to some hardware (bearing) shops here in Mexico City, a street ful of them.

Any time I closed to the clerk and asked about these P/N's or "plain bearings" or "bushings" in this size, the reactions were these:
1.- Look at me in amazement as if I would had just parked a UFO outside the store and instead of glasses I'd be using an anstronaut's helmet or...
2.- Treating me like if I would know sheit about the matter....

All in all, they made me feel I was working for the Mexican Space Agency and would be sourcing a rare metal space-grade part.... WTF???????????? Is just a darn plain DU freaking bushing in a Industry Standard measure!!!!!!!!!! Gosh....

End of rant and matter.... I'm not paying Fox's representative profit and I'll be ordering from CTS. Local industry had its chance but lost it ... and that applies to a lot of parts and stuff on my bike.

Thanks for reading.
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