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Meta MSSL trail

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This is a new bike for my brothers bicycle company that I helped source and design the graphics.

It is very similar to a Ghost or a few other frames. The stays and down tube are split down the middle with a stringer to make for two D tubes and a very stiff bike.

The weight of the frame is 1060.

Please do not comment on fit as I have not set up the bike in any way yet.

Also Meta is looking at a possibility of a group purchase if enough people are interested. Details will come later.


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Is this the same company as in the Meta trials bikes?
will it have vbrake adapters? where is it made?
No V brake on this one for now.

It is made in china.
mrchow said:
Is this the same company as in the Meta trials bikes?
I believe it is.

You ride trials?
china carbon frame with metal gluing the chainstays? :thumbsup:
I hope its cheap...
Most carbon is out of china or Taiwan and the alum support increases the performance of the brakes without overbiulding the rest of the carbon and increasing the weight overall
Also the owner of Meta is a trials rider and demands good brakes no matter what.

Prices will be very resonable. The goal is to sell a complete bike for equal or less than what a frameset from a Specialized or Trek sell a carbon frameset for.
This is the same company expanding to different markets.
Thank you

Unfortunately it is not as light as your setup. I need to work on a 2*9 group with a lighter FD.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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