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MiniTrail said:
just need some g forces and there would be no need for real racing

what series/tracks are you running?
So far I have been using the Test mode until I can get around the tracks without causing chaos on course. The car is a Pontiac Solstice set up for a rookie, looking forward to the race Solstice can only imagine how much quicker corner to corner, strong off the corners and better braking. :D

Tracks have been Summit Point Motorsports Park they have 3 different course configurations, Lime Rock Park you can run the full course or throw in a chicane that is really crazy to figure out, Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte there are 3 track options one being Oval, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 1 course and the cork screw is insane, then there are 3 Oval tracks. :thumbsup:

There are some weird things that will take some getting used to that I havent used like turning your head, the driver, right or left I need to get on there forum and ask if it useful because so far It's like anything you turn your head and you veer off course. I think it could be useful dropping the cork screw at Laguna because you turn left dropping down a steep hill but you need to stay heading into a barbed wire fence then flick it right off camber to a short sorta straight to set up for the next left hand corner.

It's amazing how you can see/feel how slippery different courses are, you change tracks and a corner looks similar to one you were just driving buttt nooooooo it's slick as he77 and your spinning through the runoff area. :yikes:


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