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merry xmas,happy hols,seasons greetings...

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as the thread title says...,all the best to all you fatbike freaky friends out there..:)

good health,happy riding and dont forget....mind take your camera..:thumbsup:

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Happy Christmas to all fellow fatties :)
i'm rejoicing! I received three wonderful gifts to go with my new Pugsley- 3 snowstorms, and another predicted for Christmas day. And I'm thankful for my loving wife who puts up with my cycling obsession.
my pug should be complete in the next few days! just waitin on the fat tires from the fat man (and then a hopefully drama-free build completion).
big thanks to all who have helped.
ho higgity ho!
Ditto! And right back at ya bros' ! Hey CK, that photo (and you recent movies look alot like eastern Washington (where I'm from). Just finishing up my busy work season- I'll get out In Jan. with the Tachyon (and etc...) and put some snowy, "rancher track" stuff together!!
Best to all and to all a great 2010!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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