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Just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Hannukah, and to Homers of all other religions that celebrate Christmas like holiday around now, happy your holiday!

Whatcha all got for your steeds?
I'm of Catholic upbringing so my family celebrated Christmas on the Eve. I talked my fam into getting me JetLites Phantoms, so I finally I have a set of lights! Went on my first night ride a little while ago and got hooked on poaching illegal trails in the neighborhood! :D I had to get a set!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!


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congrats mk! awsome light huh? can you say 2.5 hours at 20 watts? excellent beam pattern too. a couple years back i picked up the zoomyer version with the fuel gage, think its called the eiei-o or somethin like that.

after givin myself a flux in sept and a rfx in november, there wasnt much more i needed but i did manage to find some salomon streetracer 8 pilots on sick closeout last week, scored 2 new giro helmets on ebay and the g/f updated my computer for me 2 months ago as a early gift. last night we too did our gift exchange and i was suprised to get another one from her, a very cool nascar themed slot car set. pics to follow when i get things cleaned up and a table set up. the kids had a really nice set of pics taken which they framed up so those go in the collection fer sure. not a bad haul overall.

glad ya had a good one yerself my friend.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to everyone here and all youz who gave me a hand selecting my new Flux. Parts on their will be done soon (with pics).

"Cool gift" from wifey for this year....snow hike the trails when the white stuff gets too deep over the next two months.
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