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Or Happy Holidays depending on views.

I hope everyone here has a great holiday season. All the best to you and yours.

Thanks for making this an enjoying place to hang out. Here's to another year of health, happiness, and nice old bikes!


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ericb49 said:
Had a very merry Christmas Morn, then punished myself huffing the DX up the hill.

Joy to the World, the Klunk is come!
So Eric,
Just wondering. I know back in 39 they had a bunch of battery operated options that came with the 39 DX. By the late 70's most of em had been stripped off to lighten the klunker builds... are you showing off your new Christmas present there on the top tube of the 39. Some sort of newfangled navigation system for the directionally challenged (I am guilty of once riding down the wrong side of the peak, only to have to do some serious road miles to get back around to the car)....

The 39 looks sweet as always.

Merry Christmas.
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