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mergs, great loop

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you up for a ride? same place as last Sun. I know a great loop that we can ride.
we can meet at the school, it will be less drive time for you. if you need directions just let me know. i would like to start around 8:30 or so, this way we can get out of there before it gets to hot. if that time is no good let me know.
if anyone you know that wants to join us just bring them along.

no ride due to rain :( if it stops i might try for a ride if you or any one want to go if the rain stops, let me know
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hey steve, just noticed this post... sorry i missed it. just wanted to let ya know i was not ignoring you. :)

actually i was up in NY state over the weekend and did not ride at all.

plan is to get out possibly wed and thu this week. keep an eye out for a ride post.

fri i leave for stowe VT so i am away again this upcoming weekend. we'll do that loop soon.

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