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Melbourne LBS recommendations ?

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Hey guys, just moved back to Melbourne after a few years overseas.

I was wondering if I could get a recommendation for decent a bike store in Melbourne. I got the basics covered but there's still a lot of stuff I can't handle (brake bleeds, fork servicing etc.. ) So I guess I'm looking to for somehwere with good quality service even if I pay a little extra for it.

Before I left Melb I used to go to SHM but they either went out of business or were bought out by BSC.

Any recommendations ?

Thanks !
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Only bike shop in Melbourne I have used was iride. Pretty happy with the servicing of my bike they did while I was in the area.

They are in King Street in the CBD.
What area are you in? Might help.
Sounds like the main thing you're after in an LBS is a good workshop/mechanic. If so I'd try Spoken or Fitzroy Revolution in the City, a bit further east and I'd be heading to Rollin Cycles.
I have used BSC in Fitzroy and Greensborough with no issue but my local main if you are out Mt Dandenong way is Cog Bike Cafe in Mt Evelyn... it is easily the best around but I know it's out of town a bit.
Thanks guys.

I'm in Brunswick at the mo (so Mt Dandenong is a bit far)

Aussie Yeti - I went past Spoken just the other day and had a drool at their Yeti's, didn't look at prices though, it woulda just made me sad.

I'll check our Iride and Fitzroy Rev tomorrow.

Where would you guys go to get a wheel built ?
There's Flemington Cycles on Racecourse Rd, Lygon Cycles on Lygon St and My Mountain, also on Lygon street. I've used Lygon and Flemington Cycles before and have been happy with the work. I haven't been to My Mountain for servicing but they've got one of the nicest shop layouts i've seen.


Flemington Cycles:

Lygon Cycles:

My Mountain:
My LBS guy is Evan at Cyclic Bicycles in Pin Oak cresent in Flemington. It's a small place he runs himself and does all the work at. The service is excellent and he's a good guy too. He builds wheels at pretty descent prices too.

AsleepNowInTheFire said:
Where would you guys go to get a wheel built ?
Dan Hale...Shifterbikes.
aussie_yeti said:
+1 but he generally only does one-speeds.
For wheel builds I'd recommend my LBS Andy at Kaos Custom Bikes in Glenhuntly Rd Caulfield South also a good mechanic that runs a small shop & does all of the work himself

A number of elite MTB racers have their wheels & work done by Andy
chumbox said:
+1 but he generally only does one-speeds.
You're right, the majority of his business is with various forms of single speed machines...he's not allergic to geared components though. The problem will probably be how long the wait is, his services are in high demand.

Try Paul Bryant - aka He runs a one man bike servicing operation in Collingwood. His pricing is competitive and his knowledge of brake and suspension systems is outstanding. He also does little things for your bike and doesn't charge for them. For example, if you take your bike in for a brake or fork service, he'll wash the bike and completely lube the drivetrain at no extra charge. Really good service and he's always got time to talk bikes or discuss any special requirements.
I've had good experiences with

I'd go with iRide (Russ is the owner and wrench) for general work, and VicMTB if you want suspension work done.

I've had great experiences with both.

I've also had good and less good experiences with BSC, but I like dealing with shops where I can chat to the onwer/manager/head mech, and where those guys don't change weekly as they can tend to at the large chains.

Be sure to let us all know who you went to and how it worked out.
The Freedom machine in port melbourne looked after me pretty well when I lived there. :thumbsup:
+1 on VICMTB. Easy guys to chat too, sometiems hard to get your bike in because they're so busy, but they've always done a good job and stand by everything they do, and on that, they can do pretty much everything.

waldog said:
+1 on VICMTB. Easy guys to chat too, sometiems hard to get your bike in because they're so busy, but they've always done a good job and stand by everything they do, and on that, they can do pretty much everything.

+1 here too. Bought my second bike off them, and they were really good with me in that process. All work I've had done there has lasted longer than elsewhere - including a wheel build which I think someone was asking about above, and a reasonably quick frame component replacement.

I think the thing that helps with them is they don't have the transient nature that some other workshops have, where mech's come and go pretty often. A couple of shops listed somewhere above are within walking distance of my office here, and it was like their workshop was a backpackers hostel - I hardly ever had the same mech fixing my bike, let alone saw the same mech's often when browsing around. The quality of work suffered ... not just for me either - other collegues here at work, and other friends have found the same. I reckon when you've got a dedicated team you can set some processes in place and stick to them easier. Of course, I don't know the circumstances of why these shops have a high turnover - it may be unavoidable perhaps which is a shame, but I think it's a detriment to QA. Either that or they just happened to have a bad spell of mechs for the duration I was using them. Dunno.

The final plus for VicMTB is that they're 100% MTB.

EDIT: the only minus would be if you wanted to look at something other than a Spec or a Scott since they're the main brands they push and carry in their inventory. Though they occaisionally have a Pivot in there I think.
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Staff at VicMtb might have changed over the many years since I was last there. I always got the distinct impression from most (not all) of the staff that "we're racers and you're not" and they seemed to have a bit of a "take it or leave it" approach to availability and pricing but maybe it was just me. I've pretty much avoided them since then. They may be great mechanics though, never had them do anything to my bike.
Yeah I've gotten that kinda 'racer boy' 'tude elsewhere and it rubbed me the wrong way also. Might've been one of the younger guys Cowpat - from chat's I've had with the 2 older guys (or our age at least) who seemed to be there most often, I got the impression their racing days were behind them. But still ... any shop needs to be consistently good across the staff if they're to remain competitive and keep people coming back.

I think there's also a little crossover into the 'online vs LBS' issue that creeps in too.
are there any bike shops in melbourne that are agents for or stock salsa or niner frames?

have emailed the aussie distributors for niner frames and have had no reply ...
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