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To All:

As America's Bravest continue their efforts in fighting The Gap Fire, residents of Goleta struggle to gather their precious belongings in the case of a Mandatory Evacuation. There is little reason to venture outside as the air is filled with ash and debris like pulp in orange juice. Besides, most friends are away, visiting family, friends or are on European Sex Odysseys. Since going for a bike ride is out of the question and a lovely drive up or down the coast is far too expensive, I thought I would seek a window of opportunity to show my girls some badly needed love. M1:KA3LA (Mikalea) has been sleeping outside during this fire and has been soiled, inside and out, with particulate from the sky; she has been feeling neglected and unwanted. Due to the increased cost in fuel, Cassandra and Francesca have been getting plenty of use and were simply due for a little spa treatment to recharge and freshen up.

I spent the afternoon yesterday and today, scrubbing, wiping, waxing, adjusting and lubricating. The work can be painstaking, but I find the experience and outcome worth the sweat. In M1:KA3LA's case, I know the work will all have gone to waste in only a few hours, however I needed a positive distraction from the smoky black cloud that is soon to linger over my home. A wise man once taught me how to take advantage of a window of opportunity; when the winds calmed this morning, I ran outside!

Without further a due, meet the family...

I know few people to celebrate the birthday of his car, nor do I know many people who detail his car in 33 degree temperatures, and I am certain there are only a handful of people daring enough to drive a 1937 Ford Roadster from Vail, Colorado to San Francisco, California and expect it to make it home, but if racing outside to detail your car during The Nation's most horrific fire is an indicator, I think we can all relate on a similar level.

For those with Attention Deficit Disorder...
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