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from 0 - sideways 3.2 sec
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Hi All,

Happy new year to you all, hope you had an enjoyable break over the festive period! :thumbsup:

Had a misshap on Saturday, did in the mech hanger, snapped my X0 rear mech, f00ked the chain and bent the cassette to death. I wont be buying X0 again unless its repairable as its an absolute heartbreaker :madmax: The mech hanger (Dropout) is bent in towards the cassette pretty badly as you'll see in the pics!

Anyone know if this is likely to snap if i try and straighten it?

Also whats the best method to try and do it?

Richard @ Gravity Sports is getting me a replacement but in the meantime i wondered if there was a temp fix i could do?

Cheers guys,



1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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