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McLennan bike Park

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Update on the bike park in Kitchener. Construction has begun and the park should be complete by the end of June. Spy photos below:

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Damn, I might have to build up another bike! Something tells me the XC geometry won't be the most useful there... :p
Is it far from the Hydro Cut?
That would be a perfect fit:
First ride hard at the Cut then head to the park and play a little bit..
Hopefully it'll be wooden stuff as well...
Yep, pretty close indeed. About 10-15 minutes from the Cut in a car, or about 20 minutes on a bike.

Basically at Ottawa St and Strasburg Rd.,-80.523605&spn=0.036348,0.11939&t=h&z=14

It's a pretty cool that they actually went ahead with it It’s been talked about for 4 years but not much there for beginners so far.
It is very sad to see that most of the kids that ride there don’t wear any safety gear including helmets and there is no one to tell them they should.
I can see one person without a helmet on getting hurt and ruining it for everyone
there have already been a couple ambulances there apparently.

Some stuff is for sure completely rideable already.

I need a new bike too, I was doing hill repeats on my Scalpel there and it just doesn't work too well for big jumps. Plus I just wouldn't be comfortable jumping the carbon frame...
I can not wait to hit up the 4x track.

Mid July will not come fast enough.

Chris is working very hard to get thing done for us to all ride, enjoy and get better. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

KW is the place to ride this summer with McLennan Park and Chicopee.
KW is certainly good for dirtjumping, but if thats not your thing then their are better riding destinations.
Oh wow, that's gonna be awesome! And it's even closer to my house than Hydrocut. Time to fire up the Jackal! :thumbsup:
Grand Opening this Friday!

I got word that the grand opening for McLennan is this Friday. Yahoo! I can't wait to go to this place.

More info on my blog (see my sig for the link).
Looks great, me thinks I need to get a DJ bike.
Wow, how times change... something good has come from what was a horror story of the seventies.

I remember how the townhouses at the base of Mount Trashmore sat empty in the late seventies after being evacuated due to dangerous levels of methane and the city tried to decide what to do with the development built on the base of a mountain of garbage. If I recall correctly, the area was fenced in and out of bounds for most of the 80's, yet we would sneak in at night to go tobogganing on the dark hill, romantically light up by the flames from the eternal burning of the venting methane.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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