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Mcdowell mountains comp. loops

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So this Saturday i'm taking my first trip the McDowell mountains competition loops. SUPER excited. I know this ride costs money and i've read that its $6 per car and $8 per car so which is it? and i plan on spending the whole day there, so should i bring a cooler or can i leave for food. and any other helpful tips that i should know of before i go. thanks
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think its 6 bucks but if its 8 no biggie... i'd bring food if you plan to spend the day..
I think I paid 6 last I was out there (a few months ago). You can leave and come back, as that $6 covers your car for the day, but there isn't a whole lot around, so you'd be better off packing your lunch in. Plus, that way you get more time to ride!
Have fun out there!
it's 6 big ones for sure. the loops are fun and you'll like how they are one way only. you won't have to watch for incoming traffic on the blind corners. no food available in the park unless you know how to eat cactus or can catch small desert animals. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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