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Mcdowell comp loops charity night ride...

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Mcdowell charity night ride... For Havens Sake! - Updated!!

Hello all!!

We are working on a charity ride to help a little girl with a rare disease and her family ( and are looking for some feedback or thoughts...

We were thinking about working with the parks to open the competitive loops for a night ride in august... Kind of like the pemberton night rides, but with a donation, tons of swag, raffle, etc for benefit of Haven. It would give jus a chance to ride the loops at night... And help out...

Another thought was a mtb time trial around the loops (uscycling sanctioned) and then open up the loops for fun night rides...

Anyone interested?? Any other thoughts or suggestions?
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I belong to a big church/riding group. We usually do the Pemberton night rides. Post up some dates and I will see how many people I can gather. Time trial or fun ride either way sounds good.
Sounds cool. I'd do it.
Count me in. The loops at night would be a blast. Now just need lights.
Very interested. Everyone has been asking to get some night ride events going at the Competitive Loops. I am sure there will be big #'s out there if you get the park to approve it.
Thanks for the responses so far!!! We have already worked with the park And we are good to go for a night ride on the comp loops (with permits and insurance of course!!!), so that part is figured out... Now just trying to determine what type of event....

Another bonus... The schwag has started coming in... So the raffle/awards/etc will be awesome!!!
Time Trial sounds best
I'd be interested. Might be nice to have a Sunset option as well. Not sure if I can justify buying a high priced light set. Mine is pretty basic...just to get me home kind of thing.
Is the planned date in Aug on a weekend or Friday night? Also anybody have any good suggestions on a light set that is not ultra expensive? Under $200?
Date has not been finalized yet, but it will be on a sat night...
I'm up for it. Seems like a good cause.

Not interested in TT though. Just a mellow, fun ride would be sufficient for me. Just finished reading thru the web site for the little girl Haven. What a story.

I would be in (depending on the specific date) for the worthy cause and because the Comp Tracks are great at night. Not interested in a TT; just riding the loops would be sufficient for me.

Great idea! :thumbsup:
I'm in no shape to compete in a 'race' per se, but would like to ride to raise money. I'll watch the thread for more detail.

Count me in for the fun ride! Not interested in the time trial though. As soon as details are finalized I can send the details to a friend that is with ASU cycling and he will get the word out also.
Totally would be down for that. Not interested in a TT. Would like a sunset ride also.
Absolutely. Prefer night ride, over TT. :cool:
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