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MBOSC Volunteers, Supports, and Sponsors,

I am excited to invite you to MBOSC's volunteer appreciation event, Camp Dig It, May 31-June 2 at Camp Loma located next to Soquel Demonstration State Forest. Get ready for riding bikes, barbecuing, and hanging out with the best community ever!

You're invited to join us for the whole weekend, or just the barbecue on Saturday at 3:00pm. We just ask you to please RSVP as soon as possible so we have a good head count for our caterer.

Camp Loma is a 4-H camp fully equipped with a swimming pool, lawn games, lovely campsites, and good amenities for barbecuing and hanging out. We're going to have a movie screening of Bikes of Wrath on Friday night, games and live music after the barbecue on Saturday night, and of course lots of riding in between. We will also have a raffle for all of our volunteers, and draw the winner of our annual Ibis Volunteer Raffle. Your camping fee of $30 includes breakfast Saturday, barbecue on Saturday, and breakfast Sunday, plus beer! We're really excited to ride and hang out with you in one of our favorite places so please sign up if you plan to join! Learn more here.

Thank you,
Emma Ussat
Community Outreach Manager
[email protected]
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