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Mazocchi integrated fender - 3 different types?

I want to purchase a Marzocchi integrated fender for my '05 AM1.

Looking at the '06 AM1 manual on Marzocchi website (pic below), I noticed that there are 3 different fork-specific fender types now. Are these 3 different types for '06 forks only? Isn't the crown/steer portion of AM1 the same for '05 & '06?

I also looked at some diagrams in the '05 AM1 manual and '03 Z1 FR manual (pics below) for comparison, and they look like the type "C" shown in '06 manual as specified for Z1 & Junior T series. Also, interestingly a friend of mine has what looks like "C" on his 66, if I recall.

Searching several online shops, I see that they all seem to offer 1 type. Even BTI website only shows 1 type (part# "850760").

How do I go about buying the one I really need? Or, are my eyes simply fooled by the "look" of these diagrams?

Thanks for the info in advance,
- PiroChu



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Call up Marzocchi. They should be able to sell it to you directly. And contrary to popular belief, they seem like a helpful and knowledgable bunch. At least, in my limited experience, they alway have come through.

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