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I just bought my first mountain bike yesterday, a trek 4500.
I have not been on a bike since I was like 16, and I am now 26.
I used to ride BMX bikes like Haro, GT, etc. I used to like jumping,going on BMX tracks,stuff like that. Well I thought I was a little less crazy than when I was 16, and I did not test ride the bike yesterday before I bought it, I had read reviews and thought that the trek 4500 was bike enough that it was much better than a wal-mart piece of crap, but not to much that if i didnt like it that much I woundnt lose too much money. Well I loved riding, I was going down pretty big gravel hills , jumping off of curbs, stuff like that, and this was the first time im on a bike since 16 years old. I think I am really going to like riding,however Now I am stuck, I think I want to spend a little more money, I hate the seat first off, and I think the rock shox judy forks are not going to make me very happy, and a brake upgrade would be nice, I would like to stay around 700.00 if i am able to get another bike, But will the bike shop let me return it and upgrade? I mean, I didnt even talk to the owner about it, I was a bit manic about the whole thing. What can I do now? would most bike shops be reasonable about this? Please let me know what I can do, and possible bike upgrades around 700.00 that i could get into, I would like to stick to trek, I dont really have a reason why, but just please let me know what you guys think.

thanks in advance!!!!

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Doubt if your shop will let you return the bike,

but it is possible, it depends on whether the shop can sell the used bike. To upgrade components the same rule pretty much applies, what are they going to do with the used components? Some shops deal more in used stuff than others. If you are a long time customer they might cut you some slack, but that doesn't seem to apply here.

I agree the Judy TT shock will not suit your style; you need a fork that was built for some abuse. A new fork of such quality will probably cost you at least $300 and probably more at your lbs. A new seat might be a nice start and certainly the least expensive way to go...but again don't expect a trade in (search for the hilarious post a coupla weeks ago about a guy who bought a used bike with a saddle that smelled like the previous owner's ass).

Sometimes ya just gotta do some research and testing before ya buy, and a good bike is one of them things...

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If the shop will not give you a 100% credit toward a new bike ask if they will consign it for you. Some stores will consign w/ no fee if you put money down or buy a new steed from their shop. If they won't do it or they give you grief give another shop a try, they may be more accomodating just to get your business.

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Being that you just bought it a day ago, you can't have that many miles on it. Did you crash it at all? Any scratches? If not, go talk to the LBS and explain the situation. If they're a decent shop at all, they'll work with you. But be prepared to loose 30% of what you paid.

Some shops offer demo rides. One near me lets you test/rent a bike for like $30 a day. I suppose then they sell them later at a cheaper price as a demo bike. See if your shop does anything like that. If so they can sell yours as a demo bike. And if they do, DEMO the bike you want to buy before you buy it.

If you can get the shop to return the bike (at a 30% loss) it'll probably cost you about $400 to upgrade to the 6700. With that you'd get:







Alpha SLR aluminum

Alpha SL aluminum


RockShox Pilot SL

RockShox Judy TT


"Alloy front, Shimano rear hub; Maverick rims"

"Alloy front, Shimano rear hub; Matrix 750 rims"


Bontrager FS 2000

Bontrager Sport


"Bontrager Select, 25mm rise"

"Bontrager Sport, 25mm rise"


Bontrager Sport 5/10 degree

"Bontrager Sport, 25 degree"


Shimano Deore

Shimano Alivio


Shimano Deore

Shimano Alivio


Shimano Deore LX

Shimano Deore


Bontrager Select 44/32/22 w/ISIS

Shimano MC08 42/32/22


"SRAM 970 11-34, 9 speed"

"SRAM 850 11-32, 8 speed"





"Shimano 505, clipless"

Alloy platform

The upgrades would be worth the money. Question is, would you notice them?
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