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Maxxis SHORTY 29 x 2.4 F / Maxxis Forekaster R

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I'm thinking about the following combo:

Front: Maxxis Shorty 2.4
Rear: Maxxis Forekaster 2.35

November till March.
  • Unmaintained hiking trails
  • 90% of the trail is wet and soft soil with leafs and roots
  • 10% of the trail is covered in slippery mud

What's your opinion?
- Maybe some other combo will be better?

  • Specialzied chisel
  • RIM front: 30mm IW
  • RIM rear: 27mm IW
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Ran the same combo in 27.5 and it's good in soft conditions and quite useable otherwise.
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The Shorty is the grippiest tire Maxxis makes.👍. I’ve never tried a Forekaster.
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