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You have to love the inconsistency in manufactures in sizing, even within the same manufacture and same model tire. I have been running 27.5 x. 2.8 Rekons on my my hardtail (really much smaller) and am building a new 29” hardtail. After talking to Mikesee who measures his 29 x 2.8 Rekons at 71 mm on a 40mm internal width rim, I went with the 2.6 and a good thing I did due to limited crown clearance. So how do they actually measure up? (All tires measured at 20psi, 2.8s have been mounted for 6 months, 2.6s about 20 hours, stretched at 40 psi).
  • Rekon 27.5 x 2.8 on 34mm internal width rim- Casing 66.4mm (this is both 60 and 120 tpi casings), knobs 67mm
  • Rekon 29 x 2.6 on 35mm internal width rim- Casing 66.1 mm, knobs 64.4 mm..
The knobs are also slightly larger and deeper on the 2.8. The side knobs on the 2.6 are about 4.2 mm deep, on the 2.8 about 5.2mm.

I have no idea what the knob sizes are on the 2.4, but if similarly scaled, this could explain why people have such wide ranging opinions about the Rekon. In the 2.8 I have found them to be a great XC/light trail front and rear tire, with good rolling resistance and consistent good grip (conditions are hard, to loose over hard, to crumbling clay).
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I’ve even had the same brand/size tires mounted on the same rim measure differently. I don’t know if Maxxis change something with their 29x3.0 DHF tires but I had several that were true to size measuring in right at 75mm and more recently I’ve had 2 that measure just over 69mm all mounted on the same wheel set.

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Good to know about the 29 X 2.8 Rekons. I have tried 2.6 Rekons on both ends of my rigid KM, but was not happy with the front cornering and switched back to 2.6 Forekasters. It would be interesting to try the Rekons again, but with the 2.8 up front. Problem is I am running i29 rims and swapping to a wider rim, along with buying the tire, would make for an expensive experiment for something I might or might not end up liking.

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The 2.8 Rekons measured 2.7 inches on my 35mm IW rims. I found the handling to be a bit off, and I'm not sure if I need another tire on the 35mm IW, or if I need a wider rim for them not to feel like ass.
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