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Maxxis Minion tubeless, 3C or UST?

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I've seen mentioned that one should pick the 3C version for tubeless. I suppose this is due to better traction, but I'm kind of nervous about buying a non-UST tire for tubeless when the UST version isn't even heavier.

42 super tacky dhf (for front&rear) ust version is what I would have bought without mtbr, but I'm kind of confused now. Intended use lift accessed downhill.

So, please tell me; why should I NOT get the UST version?

Haven't really decided yet, might still change my mind and get Schwalbe Big Betty UST insted.
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The Super Tacky rubber wears out really really fast, especially when you're riding the lifts. It sure would be nice if Maxxis made a 3C UST Minion DHF - talk about the greatest tubleless DH tire of all time! You could try a 3C on the back and ST UST on the front, as you can get decent life out of a soft tire on the front.
Ok, now I'm even more confused. I thought that a 3C would wear even faster than ST since it's 42a in the middle and 40a on the shoulders? The third "hard" compound is used in the casing for stability as I understand it. I obviously got something wrong here..?

If I am to use UST only front or rear I would pick rear as the most "force" is applied there, hence it would be the tire most prone to pop off the rim.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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