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Maxxis Ignitor life?

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How long do these tires usually last?
I ride on mostly on slighty rocky - Rocky - Hardpack terrain. With a little tarmac to get to the trails.
On average how long do they last? Non UST version.

Also while I'm here what does TPI mean?

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Tire life is more dependent on riding style than anything else. If you slide or skid, you run through tires much more quickly. It also heavily depends on whether you are talking front or rear- rear tires wear much more quickly.

I've been running an ignitor on the front for about 6 months and it's still in good shape (riding most weekends). On the other hand, I've also worn through an ignitor on the rear in about half that time.

For TPI, check here and go to the second result:
Thanks, I was intending to run one on the front.

If not skidding wouldn't the front wear quicker?
Why would you think that?
Because it has more weight on it when cornering and especially braking?
Joel. said:
Because it has more weight on it when cornering and especially braking?
Well most of your weight when riding is on your rear tire. Cornering and braking are exception. Consider that most rolling resistance comes from the rear tire. Think rolling resistance = friction and friction = wear.

To answer your question, I had an 29er Ignitor on the rear. It didn't last that long, decent I guess, about 3-4 dry and rocky months before I should of stopped riding it.
Downside - They do wear out faster than most.
Upside - If you want something that rolls fast but is more secure than a semi-slick, they're not a bad compromise.
Alright thanks guys. I might give one a go.
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