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Maxxis Cross Mark tires...tubeless?

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I want to run these tires tubeless but do not see anything on them that says "tubeless ready". I looked on the site & didn't see anything that said they are or they're not.
I'm pretty sure I can't but figured I'd ask anyway.
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Well they should be easy to mount tubeless even tho they aren't "tubeless ready".
I ran these tubeless last year on Bontrager Rythym Comp Wheels. I used the Bontrager strip and Stans. They aired up great with a compressor and held seal excellent. The worst problem was removing them. The bead just stuck to that rim strip.
You should have no prob running Crossmarks tubeless...they are one of my favorite tires and I run them tubeless on Stan's rims :thumbsup: :D

SPP :)
Yes, they work well tubeless. I run a crossmark on the rear of both my 29ers tubeless on a stans flow. Raced one the entire year, trained a lot on the other (rigid/ss)... zero problems. I'm pretty sold on the crossmark as a rear tire, running tubeless the traction is actually very good while still being fast.
Yeah, they don't (that I know of) have a tubeless version for 29 yet. I would be nice. I'd go for a little tougher sidewall for sure. But I've been running them for over a year and think -- like others are reporting -- it's a great tubeless rear tire for what I do. I like the speed, and don't have traction issues in mostly semi-desert riding here in Western Colorado. Though I've scuffed through the sidewalls of at least one of them.

They have "too many" small knobs "too closely" spaced to make a good snow tire, but I've using them in snow and they seem fine.

But yeah. They set up tubeless very nicely on Stan's or Bontrager Rhythm rims.

Have fun!

been running them off and on tubeless for the last year without any problems.
I mounted them up today...WOW, that was the easiest "tubeless" tire I've mounted so far. Both front & rear went on & sealed right away. About 5 hours later they still have the same air pressure:thumbsup: The real test is tomorrow when I spin them.
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