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Mavic EN521 vs 819s - strength?

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Anyone know how the 521s compare to the 819s as far as "abuse-ability"?

I'm building up a relatively light 12x150 rear wheel for my 7-Point for those 20+ mile "all mountain" days (I will still rely on big beefy wheels for freeride and downhill).

I know the 819 is strong enough, but it is too narrow for my taste and I prefer ghetto tubeless to real UST.

Will the EN521 take the same kind of abuse as a 819? Namely ~4' drops to flat and pounding thru sharp rocks (typical AZ riding).

I'm boycotting DTswiss 5.1s after the 6.1 debacle (I love spending big money on downhill/freeride rims and having them last 2 days, then DT denying that they are "too soft" and claiming I'm abusing them. a$$hats). I don't care how light or strong they won't get my business again.
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Good question. The new 521 hasn't gotten much publicity. I am curious about it since it seems to fall in between the likes of the en321 and the EX721. I have had good luck with the last two, hopefully someone will chime in with some valuable info.
I'm with you on the boycott of DT hoops. I nuked several of their road rims, all cracked at their eyelets. I kept replacing the rims to save buying new spokes. :nono: In retrospect I would have been better buying Mavic Open Pro with all new spokes after my first DT rim failure. Oh well, that wheelset is gone.

That said, I will continue to use DT spokes and nipples. I really like the Super Comps with alloy nips. Just built a MTB set using the Mavic EN521. So far they are solid and still true after some serious pounding. My other MTB wheels have the EX721 rims. Now these are truly the bomb. Don't think the 819 is all that much lighter, it still requires 32 nipple cups so the overall weight is right up there with these others.

I believe the EN521 will stand up to the abuse you describe. Especially if you achieve proper spoke tension...high. They are certainly a bargain costing only $55 each:


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