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Mavic EN321 vs EX721 for XC Riding

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So, i am in between a choice of Mavic EN321 or EX721 rims for a wheelset for almost the same price.

I do mostly XC riding. So which one would be a better choice?

I know the 721 is for FR or DH riding but doesn't hurt to have a stronger wheel right, for the weight penalty of 20 gms?

Also i saw on the Mavic website saying that the recommended tire width for the 721 is 2.3 to 3.0, will it be possible then to fit in 1.95 knobbies or even a 1.5 slick?

Hope someone can help!
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If they were nearly or right at the same price, I would go with the 721's. 321's can take quite a thrashing, but 721's are welded (not pinned) which is better.
I have 721s 36h on hope2s not sure of the weight but i ride these everywhere from 30 40 mile xc rides to serious dh/fr shuttle runs
GO with the 721s not sure why you would want a 1.5 slick on it but it wouldnt be bad these rims are not super wide
the 1.5 slick's are for one of those days when the brain gets screwed and u would want to go on a long road ride on the
Oh i got mine from CRC for around $340 shipped with paypal fees you cant beat their prices and the build quailty is top notch
I weigh 235 out of the shower and have beat the crap outta mine for over a year and they are holding up great
Go here
select the parts you want built
I have 721's on my bike and have put 1.5 slicks on it...yes they fit, altho look a bit weird.

the rims are a bit heavy, but crazy-stiff. i'm a clyde and thought the 717's were noodley.
I have spent 1-2 seasons on either rim. They are interchangeable. The 721 is stronger, made of a stiffer alloy, and as mentioned has a nicer rim joint. The 321 builds up well and seems to take about the same amount of abuse. If you are looking to thrash on the wheels, then I would go 721 over the 321. Otherwise the 321 will hold up fine, be cheaper, and be lighter :thumbsup:
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