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Mavic Crossmax ST V-Brake - How strong are they?

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Hello, I have been eyeing a few deals out there on the Crossmax ST wheelsets for V-brakes. I am interested in buying a set but I am unsure as to how durable they are. I weigh 185-195lb and ride semi-rough cross-country desert trails with a few 2-3 foot drops. Does anyone out ther have experience with the V-brake model of this wheel set. Will they handle my weight and still provide years of use? I am looking for insight on the V-brake model specifically as it has a lower spoke count compared to the disc version. They are on sale for $399 (msrp $700) plus $20 for shipping. I have been looking for a replacement wheelset and was originally thinking in the 200 dollar price range but these caught my eye. Thank you.
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I'd like to know as well...Also, where are they on closeout?
They are strong. Run proper pressure and the rim will last a long time.
For what it is worth... I have searched through a lot of websites for reviews on these rims and even though it seems like all of them are referring to the disc version the only negative comment about them other than the spokes popping out is that they flex more than expected. That was only on one published review from a UK MTB (magazine?) site. Everyone else says that these rims are strong. I have also read that the spokes appear to give the rims their stiffness which makes me wonder on how much the v-brake version will be affected with a lower spoke count. I personally think I am going to buy them. I priced out some other wheels and these are just plan cheaper for the given weight plus you can buy the MP3 protection plan for 56 bucks.

You can find these wheels through a couple of sponser sites such as pricepoint and jensonusa for that price.
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