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Mavic 321's rear, 717's front--stupid?

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Hi, Matt here. I'm 200 lbs, and not the most skilled rider. I recently bought a Giant HT, and got two Sun Rim DS2's--of which the rear tire is already out of true. This is not necessarily the rim's fault, as I tried riding UP a short set (3) of stairs, however, I recently bought a Giant Trance frame and a new XT Component group (for $600-I'm in China:) so I'm already building up a new bike (I'm embarrassingly obsessive-compulsive about things I like to do). Anyhow, I don't foresee my skill level getting better at a lightening fast rate, so that, combined with the fact that I'm a heavier guy (200lbs), is confusing me as for a new rim set-up for the new Trance.

I'm more of a XC biker, but I like to jump and hop anything I can right now (which may not be much, but I have been hitting a 2' onto flat concrete, that's about the biggest so far), and since I'm moving to Bolivia next year, I'm hoping to do some free riding, and lite mountain riding. SO, (finally) here's my question: What do you think about a Mavic 321 rear (for strength) and a Mavic 717 front (for lightness?). Will the bike be useless for climbing? Will it be overkill for the stuff I do usually? (free riding, aggressive XC)...
Anyhow, I'm worried about having a 28lb+ bike with the Trance, and was wondering if the rolling weight of the 321 on the rear would REALLY slow me down. Any thoughts on what this semi-Clyde, newbie should do about a wheelset?

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Avoid the 717
Hey Matt,

I have to echo SHiggy here-I just sold my bike w/ 717's on xt hubs. It was a 5" 26# FS rig-the rims were super flexy under my weight (also nearly 200# w/ gear). And I too was doing small 2' drops here & there. Needless to say, I sold the whole bike as it was too much of a racer weight bike for my style & i felt that the whole bike would snap at any moment. (spesh s-works Stumpjumper).
Go w/ something a bit heavier-maybe the mavic 819's or DT swiss 5.1. I'm pretty sure they are both heavier than the 717's but lighter than 321's. The 5.1's are whats going on my new bike for 2/3 of my riding, maybe some 4.1's for xc stuff.
Good luck

Hi, thanks for the reply. The problem I'm having is that I'm in China and my options are limited. Will the 321's be a complete bummer and speedbump? (I like going fast).
Should I not go there?
The 321s are fine and the weight is not a big deal. In your case the strength is much more important than any slight (and I mean SLIGHT) performance drop because of the extra weight.
Say, would it be possible to use tubes with these rims? What are the pros and cons?
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