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Maverick SC32 geometry problems?

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Hello again

I was wondering if any of you folks with the Maverick SC32 fork on a pugsley have noticed any handling issues. The reason i ask is that i am getting ready to build myself a new fat tire frame based around the maverick fork. I did a quick measurement comparison between the ridged fork on the pug and my 29ers fox fork 80mm. The fox was over 2 inches taller from dropout to the base of the headset and i am sure the maverick is similar in size. I know that the fork sags with weight, but i am sure it is not 2 inches at the headset. I have not done the math yet, but i can only imagine that this would change the seat tube and headset, rake/ trail way off of what was intended for the bike. I was just wondering how it works for all of you out there so i have an idea of how to build my new bike. My current thinking is to raise the head tube the 2 or so inches to make the extra room for the fork and keep the trail in check. Please let me know what your thoughts are on the subject.

also, do you use a 100 or 135mm hub with the maverick?

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Maverick uses a proprietary hub with a 24mm huge hollow axle. They call it the 24/7 Hub. It is 110mm wide. Similar to ThruAxle20mm hubs.
I know 2.3" isn't really a 'fat tire by today's standards but SnowCat is rolling 650B rims too. They claim the 2.3" NeoMoto works nicely in loose conditions. I'm running a Maverick tuned SC32 on a rigid 650b custom. I'd like to build up a 650B using the Snowcat rims. I'd venture a guess to say the Pugsley will accept the Snowcat 27.5" rim with the 2.3" Pacenti NeoMoto.
I find it somewhat ironic to see someone with the handle "Cracked Headtube" posting in this thread.
I have a "love-hate" relationship with the SC32 on my Pugs. It mos def changes the way the bike handles, but from the way I view it the pugs isnt exactly a carving tool. I tend to run it in the locked down position for any riding that requires alot of input or more (i use the following term loosely) precise handling. down hills are a blast with ths fork as it is much like driving a monster truck. but when it comes time for the brakes, be aware that there is going to be a startling amount of flex when you bear down on the brakes! the biigest gripr i have is the SC32 give the perceptio of "cjhopper like " rake . If you turn the bars too much in on direction, it seems to pull you that way. (no doubt something to do with the amount of rubber on the ground.)
I've had one on my pugsley for just a few weeks but so far I like it. It does change the steering a little but it's only really noticeable on pavement and not bad. It feels like a lot more travel than it actually has. I noticed the change in standover height more than the geometry.
It's made my most fun bike even more fun. And heavier. But if that were a real issue with me I'd lose some weight.
Here are some before and after shots of mine.

Running an SC32 got rid of two stem stackers and kept the bars in the same place.

I wouldn`t be without it.

It DOES make a fun bike FUNNER ! :D

PS:- you DO need a headset with a taller lower race to fit the SC32 or you get fork/ downtube interface ! :eekster:

See thread link below


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Thanks for your input, sounds like there is a fair amount of things to consider on the maverick. i may just try to build my own fork.

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