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i will be in Maui next week 7/29 to 8/4. i ride XC and some down hill. my wife and i want to rent nice Full Suspension bikes and hit some good trails. where should we rent and ride??

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There are Six shops on Maui. South Maui Bicycles in Kihei, West Maui bicycles in
Lahaina and Island Biker in Kahului and Crater Cycles in Kahului.
Island Biker Is A Specialized dealer
Crater has Kona
West Maui has Canondale
South Maui has Treks
Two shops in Haiku but I forget the names and I am not sure what they rent good shops

Makawao Forest has some singletrack and a freeride area
Waikoa is a good ride.
Poli Poli is great but has been devastated by a fire.
West Maui has some good climbing right out of Lahaina the west Maui guys will tell you
where to ride.
Crater Cycles can take you down the Volcano They can rent you some nice downhill bikes. I have not done it but I plan to.

I am sure there are some good trails on the south side but I live on the
North Shore The South Maui guys can tell you where to ride.

There are a bunch of guys that do ride down the Volcano rides but they
are tours that take you to the top of Haleakala and you ride cruiser type
bikes all the way down to Paia on the road.

I hope this helps.

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