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Marzocchi Z1FR1 rebuild question

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Long story cut short, I had to replace the HSCV cartridge on my 2005 Z1's. On reassembly the cartridge spins when torquing up the foot nut, should I use an air gun to try and tighten? Also should I be using loctite on the threads for the footnut as I don't believe there is a lock washer.
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No air gun. No locktite. A little grease on the threads and the o-ring. Put the springs in and top-caps on. Compress the fork, maybe use a tie-down if you've got one to put pressure on the cartridges. Then try it.
thanks for the advice, I'll try it tonight.
sorry forgot to reply, your method worked a treat!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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