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I currently ride "old school" equipment. My rig is mint ('97 era Eastern Woods Research Original Woods Bike frame) and has a Marzocchi Bomber Z-2 fork with 70mm of coil/oil travel. It is my main ride. But, I'm looking to build up a new, dual susp. rig.

Now, normally I don't worry about $$$ as much, (my EWR is outfitted with Paul's stuff, Chris King headset and hubset, Cane Creek Direct Curve 5 brakes, etc.) but I now have two children and am looking to get bang for the buck with my build.

Being kind of retro, I liked seeing that Marz did the Z-1 for the 10th anniversary of the fork that "started it all".

Probably going with a SC Heckler. w/a coil rear shock. Set up for heavy duty trail use.
Just wondered what the "tech" is of this lower priced edition. As much as I'm a "you get what you pay for" with a lot of parts, I think that this may be an area in which I could get away with saving some dough (as opposed to buying a + $800.00 Fox fork) per coming from the fork/short travel that I've been riding for years....
Anything is going to feel great to me! Especially with stepping up to a 20mm axle.

So, is this fork pretty much old school coil/oil technology?
(Sorry for the lengthy post.)
PS: I'm not the type to need a lot of features anyway. Pretty much a set it, forget it, and ride kind of person.

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The 2007 Z1 Sport has only rebound adjustment and for the price you should be able to find a 2006 Z1 Sport (better has compression and rebound) for the same price or lower. Here are just a few forks that are in that price range that have more adjustments.

2006 Z1 FR SL

2006 Manitou Travis Single 150

Rock Shox Pike 409'06.htm

Manitou Nixons 2006 and 2005
Lots of these at that are on sell from ~235-400.
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