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Just did my first ever seal overhaul on my Z1 RC2/ETA. Followed a lot of tutorials and used the oil volume chart from the site. Also used FOX 7wt fork oil.

So a couple questions;
I've heard a lot of complaints about how Marzocchi is notorious for shipping out their forks w/ too little oil. So then I follow the oil volume guide found at the above mentioned site which says 135ml in the left leg and 165ml in the right leg.
Are these oil volumes Marzocchi's "recommended" measurements and if so is this the "under-filled" measurements that they're notorious for? Should I have added more?

So far the fork feels okay (just hopped up and down on it in front of the house though), although the first thing I noticed is I don't hear the squishy liquid-passing-through-the-orifices slushing noise. It sounds more like just air. Maybe this is okay, maybe I'm just hypersensitive to the sounds since it's my first rebuild. My biggest concern is I under oiled it...
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