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Marzocchi Shiver Direct Mount Stem Install

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I just got a 2002 Shiver this evening and the steerer tube is 8 inches long. I have a direct mount stem and am trying to figure out how to install it properly but am lost. I have no problem installing a regular stem (slide it over the steerer tube, shim it properly with spacers, put on the headset top cap, and tighten it down) but have never done a direct mount before. Do I use the top cap to adjust the headset just like on a normal stem? Many thanks to anybody with input as I am totally lost.
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Yeah you just throw spacers on it and tighten it up like you would a bike with a normal stem. The tighten down all the pinch bolts on the fork.
Okay, so do the spacers all go beneath the crown and then the top cap directly into the crown?
No. Crown then spacers.

Unless you want to bring your front end up. Then you could slap a spacer or two under the crown.
Alright, I'll have to do it later. The steerer tube needs to be cut to accomodate the stem. I don't have time with my work schedule so I'll have to take it into the shop on Monday (I also don't have enough spacers). But anyway, thanks for the input.
I would keep more steerer tube then you think you need. incase you change bikes and keep the fork.
Thanks for all of the input. I ended up just taking a bit of time this morning to do it myself and it is all good. Thanks again.
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