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Marzocchi Roco air WC on Blur LT2 ?

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Did someone use this rear shock on his Blur ?
I read very good review in this site and I'm not so happy with the RP23 (XV 2010)
on a square edge/ fast impacts...
currently I set the sag to 30% and change the oil from 10wt to 7wt, but see no significant change!

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for a while i ran a Roco WC on my DH bike. its good but not great. honestly i have a monarch on my LTc and am loving it. its pretty good on just about everything. i know the reviews on here are not soo great on that shock but i don't know how other people are getting theirs to fail. I'm a big guy at 260lbs w/o gear and i like to push myself pretty hard. also being on the east coast i see alot of chatter bumps and square edges and this shoch has not let anyone i know down over here
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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