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Marzocchi MZ Comp troubles... up-grade?

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First off I'm new here and "re-new" to mtbking after a six year hiatus (injury/surgery). I've found to be incredibly resourceful so far. You guys rock! Here's my quandary; The Marzocchi MZ Comp forks that came on my '04 Specialized HR Comp have decided to break after three months. I've come to the conclusion that these things will work pretty good for someone who rides to the store and encounters the occasional break in the pavement on the sidewalk in the process. Apparently they just won't hold up to a 185lb guy riding moderately aggressive XC. But I digress... I'm looking to take advantage of Marzocchis "up-grade" plan.

I'm looking for suggestions as to which fork I should go with and why. I need something that will take both my weight, the abuse I will occasionally throw at it, and still be comfortable/light-weight enough for 20-30mi trail rides. So far the contenders are as follows-

MX Pro w/ETA (120mm)

Marathon SL (120mm)

Z1 FR SL (130mm)

I don't think I'll be doing 10 foot drops (on purpose) any time in the near future so the DCs and QR20s aren't needed. Just something with very little flex and a wide range of abilities. I do tend to be a little hard on bikes so I need to make this bike perform a little more like it looks. I'm open to suggestions so help me out here guys!
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MX Comp w/ETA


I recently bought a MX Comp with ETA (the only difference with the Pro is the external rebound adjustment, which I didn't care for) and It holds up pretty well. Of course if you can get the Marathon .... go for it!! I have heard only good things about it. I weigh around 200 lbs.

Hope this helps.

Go out and ride,

Thanks Cris. I actually wound up going with the MX Pro. The combination of price and features really couldn't be beat. My LBS gave me a good deal on one so I won't have to wait for Marzocchi. When I get the new fork from them I'll be flipping it and a pump on e-bay and various classifieds. So far I'm very impressed with this fork. The difference between the OEM MZ Comp and this one is night and day. I have to go ride it now... :D

On your comeback and your new fork!!!

So, do anybody miss a lot the rebound adjustment on the MX Comp... I want that fork but I'm hesitating 'cos I'm used to my Axel '03 which has rebound adjustment.
Not one bit...

As I said in my previous post, I don't miss the external rebound adjustment. Unless you want to mess with rebound a lot, you are ok with the internal adjustment. Marzocchi includes the long allen (hex) wrench that you need to adjust it in the box, so you can adjusted at home as much as you want. Unless you want to adjust rebound on the trail, go with the MX Comp (with ETA if possible).

Go ride!!!!

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