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Marzocchi MX Comp fork?

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Fellow 29ers,

What a better way to start out the New Year than with a new suspension fork (currently riding a rigid KM, singlespeed). I need something to take the edge off during my XC rides, and I'm a fairly big rider at 195lbs.

I was curious if anyone could comment on the Marzocchi MX Comp 29er suspension fork. I like the price ($306.00) and simplicity. I've stayed away from the Reba because I do not want disc brakes, and the WB BW because of the price.

I'll suck it up if I have to and buy the WB fork, but is the Marzocchi MX Comp really that bad of a fork, or that much heavier? Any comments, experience, or words of advice are appreciated. Thanks!
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Better options

I don't have first hand experience, but have been told by a friend who has a shop that you probably will do better with the Reba if you don't want to spend the money for the WB. His opinion was that Marzocchi didn't put a lot of thought into the design, and as a result it's pretty flexy. I'm sure there are others in this forum who have first hand experience, but thought I'd pass along the info I have from a trusted LBS.

It's heavy, but it will work to take the edge off. It's definitely not going to be your favorite fork of all time and definitely don't pay $306 for one... reba's are going for just a few buck more than that on ebay.
The Fisher Cobia's are starting to hit the scene. Some will prefer a rigid and sell theirs unridden. I expect deals to hit the MTBR classifieds over the coming weeks. Similar weight to MX, just way stiffer and with up-to-date damping technology. Don't pay more than $200 for a new MX Comp, I'd say.

...for the guidance. Again, I'm staying away from Reba because of the disc-only thing (unless I've missed the obvious and it is now offered with the V-brake option). I'll look into the Fisher also.
Cloxxki is right. The shop I buy from is clearing out the MX with the ETA lockout for $200 new. So don't pay more than that.
What shop is that?

frankenbike said:
Cloxxki is right. The shop I buy from is clearing out the MX with the ETA lockout for $200 new. So don't pay more than that.

Can you tell me how I can contact this shop?
Dirt Pilot, check your PM. I sent you the info.

I am going to keep an eye out for the 29er Toras. Hopefully they'll go for around $200 or so.

frankenbike said:
Dirt Pilot, check your PM. I sent you the info.

Much appreciated!
One last question...

...on the Marzocchi's, what is ETA? What is the difference between the '04 Marzocchi MX Comp ETA and the "regular" Comp?
ETA is Marzocchi's technology that lets you compress the fork down and lock it out for situations like climbing or commuting on the street. There is either little or no suspension available when you switch the ETA on.

To use it:
- Turn ETA knob
- Compress the fork down
- Fork stays compressed and locked out
- To release, just turn ETA knob and the fork springs back up

The ETA feature isn't meant to turn the fork into lock out rigid fork for hard trail riding. It's meant for temporary needs like a climbing.
MX Marz?

I have a '04 marz MX Pro with 105mm travel & air assisted coil spring. Came on my '04 Sugar 293. It is possibly the best 29er fork that Marz has made, very easy to adjust with good dampening action.. Problem is, that is not saying much: it's a noodle. My new fork tracks thru babyheads sections sooo much better. Way less drama holding a line in the rolly loose, lots more moto.

I was going to hold onto it in case my '06 Tora (econo-Reba on steroids) fails. No way that thing is going back on any bike that I own. I guess I'll just wait until we get closer to spring and dump it on ebay.

Who is selling the Tora?

Any idea who has 29er Tora forks in stock?
To my knowledge, the 29er Tora forks are not being sold to the public right now. It's made as an OE fork for Gary Fisher's Cobia model (maybe other brands to follow?).
Tora in stock??

Dirt Pilot said:
Any idea who has 29er Tora forks in stock?
The bad news is no one at this time that I know of.

The good news is that Fisher does not have a sales exclusive on them, just they have all the current production tied up for the Cobia. Mine came off a Cobia.


Do a saved search on ebay and you will get an email when one shows up. Works great.
One just closed this AM for $212.50 and I think I know who (on this thread) got it. I got mine on ebay for $200.01 shipped. But you may have to wait a while, those two are the ONLY two Tora 29er forks yet to be ebay'ed

Bug Speedgoat to try and pry a few away from Rock Shox. They may have the pull to make this happen. They were selling the Reba when, supposedly, it could only be bought thru Fisher.

Might well be worth the trouble. A couple of folk who are very in the know about these things and have ridden both the Tora and the Reba give the nod to the Tora for stiffness.

Good luck,

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29erchico said:
...One just closed this AM for $212.50 and I think I know who (on this thread) got it....
Ha. Yup that was me. Got me a Tora for my Inbred.

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Well done!

I am green with envy, Frankenbike.

29erchico, thanks for the tip - I'll scour e-bay and start bugging Speedgoat.

DirtPilot out.
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