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marzocchi fork intended use problem

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I just got an Iron Horse warrior 4.0 and it has the marzzochi super comp (one that is black with bomber decal on side) fork and I get it and it says for XC use only. This fork is going to have to take up to 3 foot drops (and maybe not so smooth landing) until i can get another one. My style of riding is dirt jumps and drops and trail riding and DH. What would happen to the fork if I did like a 5 foot drop?
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1. You bought the wrong bike for your riding.
2. You knew it, based on your posts here.
3. You are a 13 year old. Unless you are huge for your age, you probably wont even be able to bottom the fork

4. Im glad it got you into riding, but please dont post "Can I put a 66 on my IH bike?" thread in a month.

5. You may break it, you may not. If you do, suck it up, know that you used it wrong, and buy another fork. You can probably get away with a Pike, but nothing bigger.
el_chupo_ pretty much covered it....

ride it till it breaks or you can afford to replace it. The Warrior is a 5" travel XC/Trail bike. Which is about the most popular (sales wise) type of bike going right now, not a DH/Freeride bike. However if you are indeed 13 years old and of "average" weight for your age, then you can probably get away with the occasional 5 footer without too much trouble. But do keep in mind that you will eventually break it. And not just the fork, other components are likely to suffer as well.

Good Dirt
Thanks. I plan on doing some light DH as well. some all mountain riding (light stuff) too. Unfortanetly we just got about 6 inches of snow so I can't do much riding today. I hope it melts very fast! As of yesterday I like the bike pretty well. Suspension is good and very smooth on bumps (of course compared to my 1 inch of travel hotrock hardtail). The brakes don't seem the strongest but I was going up and down the steep hill next to my house yesterday and trying to hold the brakes all the way down because someone said they need to bed in.

Got one of those forks off that bike at the shop i work at. It was bent, I bent the stanchions back as much as possible, put it together, and bombed the **** out of it. I gave it to a buddy who now dirtjumps on it and bombs the **** out of it. It's still working.
quit posting on mtbr worrying about your bike and go out and ride.

you're a small 13 year old kid...unless you jump off a 20ft cliff, your not gonna put that much stress on your current setup.
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